Advanced training in Periodontics & Implants

Periodontics is one of nine dental specialties recognized by the American Dental Association (see complete list). To become a periodontist, a minimum 3 years of training in addition to dental school is required.

Dr. Ken Akimoto, Dr. Ruby Lwo, and Dr. David Zhu both received their specialty training at the University of Washington, one of the most respected and prestigious training programs in the country. During residency, they learned and mastered techniques such as gum and bone grafting, implants, sinus lifts, clinical crown lengthening, surgical exposure of impacted teeth, and much more.

Dr. Akimoto, Dr. Lwo, and Dr. Zhu are Diplomates of the American Board of Periodontology, a certification achieved post-residency and awarded to the select few who are able to pass both the written and oral portions of the examination. Only a small percentage of periodontists are able to achieve and maintain Diplomate status; re-certification is required every 6 years. 

Combined, Drs. Akimoto, Lwo, and Zhu have performed thousands of grafting and implant procedures and feel comfortable treating patients in every facet of periodontics. They have received a Certificate in Periodontics as well as Masters of Science in Dentistry from the University of Washington.

Our takeaway message: we are board-certified specialists practicing within the scope of periodontics.

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